Announcing VCU’s Recent MFA Alumni and Update on Flower Garden

Dear Friends,

We deeply regret having to announce to you that our upcoming projects at 299Meserole have hit a setback. Due to unforeseen circumstances, namely flooding in the main space of the building, our plans to stage Flower Garden this month are officially and indefinitely postponed, as are our efforts to bring along with us the partners we were so excited to be working with, galleries, curators, and artists that represent some of the best that Bushwick, and the world have to offer.

Yet still we push ahead. One of our main exhibitors, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, is still on board with ArtHelix to stage their Recent MFA Alumni exhibition in one of 299Meserole’s partitioned annexes, which have thankfully been unaffected by the flooding. Our schedule remains unchanged, and we hope to see you starting this Saturday, May 18th, and Thursdays – Sundays thereafter through Bushwick Open Studios. There won’t be quite as much for you to see as we had hoped, but it will be a great show nonetheless

We hope to have an updated schedule for you soon once we can identify new dates for the Flower Garden and the rest of our partnered exhibition program. If anything, it will only be bigger and better once it finally launches. In the end, the idea for this event, connecting Bushwick, universities, and the international art world in one large open space, is the right one. We are ready for the building, but the building is not yet ready for us. We will be moving forward with plans to regroup as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience and support.

For more information as it becomes available, please visit []


The ArtHelix Team

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