Exchange Rates: Susak Press

Susak Press
Oct 23 – Nov 30, 2014

Natalia Kempowsky
Daniel Devlin
Keran James
and Herzog Dellafiore

ArtHelix is thrilled to be hosting Susak Press, presenting the work of four artists as part of Exchange Rates, a Bushwick-wide exhibition project produced by Sluice_, Theodore:Art, and Centotto.

Shared spaces and cultural currencies. Currencies tangible and intangible.
Variable valuations of the same.

Conceived and produced by arts organizations helmed by artists and curators in Bushwick, Brooklyn and London, England, Exchange Rates—known also in this inaugural iteration as The Bushwick Expo—is an international exposition of artworks and curatorial programs in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their walls with kindred spaces on visit from elsewhere.

Some exhibits will be integrated, some collaborative yet autonomous, some even spontaneous or virtual.
The rates of exchange, as such, will fluctuate, while the currencies of exchange—ideas and culture—remain fixed.

Visit one space to visit several. Visit Bushwick to get a glimpse of aesthetic endeavors both here and in a dozen other cities.

Come to Exchange Rates for a creative breath of fresh air.

It is an exposition, to wit. Not a fair.

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