The Elements of Art

Tuesday, Sept 13th, 2016 | 6-8PM

Please join us for a special panel discussion this Tuesday, Sept 13th, 2016, organized by G. Anthony Williams.

This event is designed to explore and discuss the The Elements of Creative and Expressive Artistry: A Philosophy for Creating Everything Artistic by Brian K. Hemphill. It is a means to explore the nine root elements common to all artistic fields and explain their significance in creating expressive art.

We’ll enjoy an informative panel discussion and lively Q&A with the author, Brian K. Hemphill. Brian is an artistic coach and author.

Additional guest artist panelist Willie Robin Antar. Robin is an incredible stone sculptor who creates with emotion and feeling.
“My vision of replicating real-life events in stone allows me to transform emotions into lasting expressions of art for others to appreciate.” -Robin Antar

The Panel Moderator for this event will be G. Anthony Williams. “One of the things I enjoy is moderating lively, insightful panel discussions. I believe my role as Panel Moderator is to make the speakers look good and make sure that they connect with the audience.”

The format of this event will be as follows:
• 30 minutes ­ meet & mingle/networking
• 30 min ­ panel discussion moderated by G. Anthony Williams
• 30 min Q&A
• 30 min book signing and networking with Brian K. Hemphill

Refreshments will be served. Additionally, ArtHelix will provide a cash bar.

Please note that this event will be video-taped and broadcast on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) and Brooklyn Public Network (BPN/BRIC).