Invite Dance2Dance Shani Ha
Saturday, April 18 @ 8PM

ArtHelix, in partnership with Curating for a Cause and SHIM will host a night of dance performances, sculpture, fine art, discussion, and dance celebration.

Participating Performers: ​ChristinaNoel and The Creature, Jennifer Roit, Sarah Chien, 96B, Danielle Russo Performance Project, and Maya Orchin with interactive body sculptures by Shani-Ha

Curated by Jackie Cantwell and Caitlin Dutton.

Dance 2 Dance​ is an all night dance and art experience. The event will begin with site specific dance performances consisting of spontaneously evolving choreography and sculpture during which audience members may be encouraged to join in.

Sculpture artist Shani-Ha will exhibit works that will be stimulated through the performances, experimentation and appropriation of them, either spontaneously or with a scenario. These actions will engage the viewer and performer directly and provoke co-presence and social interactions inside her pieces.

Throughout the evening dancers will initiate individual discussions after their pieces to encourage feedback with those present. We want to keep this open, fun and spontaneous, so don’t expect a panel discussion!

We envision the evening as an open source platform between audience and performers. ArtHelix was founded on the principle of encouraging collaboration between oftentimes isolated artistic communities. The dance and performance community in Bushwick is encouraged to meet and mingle with the visual art community in a gallery setting. The goal is to further connections and hopefully enhance the sustainability of each community inside the flourishing Bushwick arts community.

This will be a night to begin to create sustainable dialogue between dance, technology, fashion, performative, installation and visual. Please come help us celebrate and be a part of this new model.



Join us Wednesday, February 18 from 8-10PM for a pop-up performance!

BOD[E]SOFTWARE is a new dance work by Sigrid Lauren (FlucT) + Rebecca Warzer (Bennington College) that showcases select F/W 15 pieces from DAIMOR​F.

This dance and fashion event occurs one time only.
BOD[E]SOFTWARE is a generational tongue kiss between two dance artists a decade apart who both recognize the body as a computational and sensual interface. The performance piece uses the moving body as a tool to address the concepts of accelerationism and self-representation.
BOD[E]SOFTWARE is the first ever collaboration between the networking bodies of Gina Chiappetta / Nathalie Encarnacion/ Lauren Glading / Maya Laner / Sigrid Lauren / Whitney Mallett / Monica Mirabile / Gianni Onassis / Seáncé / Whitney Vangrin / Bebe Ya-Ma

​ and the sounds of WAVEJUMPER.​
​The material sources, and subsequently distorts, classical images of gendered self-representation on the Internet, specifically on Instagram. The piece approaches a new language of images that describes a mono-gendered representation online.

BOD[E]SOFTWARE scrolls through material that relates the performativity of these constructed identities on Instagram with the performativity of moving bodies in an IRL dance context.

DAIMORF is a non binary fashion label based in NYC striving to synchronize the sexes via wearable duality. The pieces modeled by the dancers are a combination of the unseen F/W 15 collection, previous S/S 15 collection and custom pieces for the performance.

SIGRID LAUREN is a NY multidisciplinary performance artist focusing on experimental choreography, emotional direction and music. Her work oscillates in the sphere of propaganda, exploring control, technologically induced imbalances on mind/body, and deconstructions of female identity in the early 2010s. She most recently performed at the Queens Museum, MoMA P.S. 1 in NY and tours with pop musician MNDR. Sigrid is one half of FlucT Dance and Partner/Instructor at Otion Front Studio in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

REBECCA WARZER is a Neuroscience/Dance student at Bennington College. Her focus in dance is in improvisation studies, in which she explores textures and language as prompts for movement qualities and aesthetics. Her work is influenced by the grotesque and distorted images in Butoh, images of women on Instagram, the Internet and nonlinear dynamical systems. Rebecca has performed solo dance work in the Movement Research Open Performance series, devised theater work at Silent Barn and the Grace Building Plaza, and has been a guest performer with FlucT. Rebecca’s work is transdiciplinary and pursues research in both science and dance.